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Corona Virus & The Importance of Moral.

It's hard to ignore, the world is effectively locked down and as much as I want to relate it to my business this is something that effects everything and everyone. So rather than say book Alt. Entertainments when the lock down is over or anything like that I'm going to search for some positivity to help with moral.

Why focus on moral? Well as an entertainer that's my job making sure the people have enough resolve to operate efficiently in their day to day lives. Moral after all got the country through 2 world wars and some of the bleakest periods in human history.

I've decided to talk about some 'good' news to highlight how we will get through this period.

The First story I'd like to talk about is from Bill Gates a man who put out a Ted talk in 2015 highlighting how a pandemic would be the biggest struggle of human kind even over that of war.

...however has a slightly more optimistic view of how fast we will bounce back from a lock down siteing 6-10 weeks for a full recovery of which the Stock Exchange news outlet the Motley Fool (Which granted sounds more like a spoof site but is a legitimate economic news site, I think I should talk to them about their branding?) and CNBC have both reported on.

Going from the creator of windows there has been much talk of what idle PC's particularly Gaming PC's which usually have powerful GPU's which apparently fantastic at spiting out the relevant calculations required to study COVID-19 and come up with a vaccine. This process is known as Folding and allows researchers to utalize idle CPU's & GPU's via network to model COVID-19.

Here's how to contribute yourself if you can:

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