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DJ Gigs in Kidderminster

Embark on a visual journey through our DJ performances in and around Kidderminster. Our event galleries showcase the dynamic energy and vibrant atmospheres created by Alt. Entertainments DJs. Immerse yourself in the captured moments of weddings, birthdays, and parties, where music and celebration unite. Explore the rhythmic tapestry of our events, where our DJs weave beats into the fabric of joyous occasions. From Kidderminster weddings to lively parties, our DJs bring unparalleled entertainment, transforming every celebration into an unforgettable experience.

Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club


Elevating the birthday celebration at Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club in Kidderminster! Swipe through to experience the lively moments, the dance floor alive with joy, and the wonderful setting that marked this memorable birthday bash. Cheers to Churchill & Blakedown and the fantastic vibes that made this night truly special!

Mobile DJ Setup at Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club in Kiddermeinster, Wostershire. Photo taken by Alt. Entertainments a Mobile DJ, Disco & Events Company.

Hopton Court


Celebrating the union of love amidst the picturesque landscapes at Hopton Court, near Kidderminster! Swipe through to relive the enchanting moments, the dance floor filled with joy, and the timeless beauty that framed this extraordinary wedding celebration. Here's to the couple's journey and the harmonious blend of love and music that made this day truly unforgettable.

Kidderminster Victoria Cricket Club.jpg

Kidderminster Victoria Cricket Club

Engagement Party

Capturing the joy and excitement at the Engagement Party held at Kidderminster Victoria Cricket Club! Swipe through to relive the heartfelt moments, the dance floor alive with celebration, and the vibrant atmosphere that marked this beautiful engagement. Cheers to the couple's love story and the fantastic vibes that made this occasion truly special.

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