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West Midlands

DJ Gigs in Birmingham & the West Midlands

Dive into the heart of Birmingham & West Midlands' vibrant celebrations with Alt. Entertainments. Our DJ experiences transcend the ordinary, infusing each event with pulsating beats, infectious energy, and a touch of musical magic. From weddings to birthdays, our discos resonate with the diverse rhythm of this dynamic region. Step into our galleries and relive the moments where music and memories collide, creating a harmonious symphony of joy. Alt. Entertainments, where every event is a unique composition, and every celebration echoes with the spirit of the West Midlands.

Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym


Step into the vibrant nostalgia of an '80s-themed birthday bash at Nuffield Health & Fitness! Neon lights, iconic tunes, and retro vibes set the stage for a celebration that transcends time. Relive the era of leg warmers and synth beats in this fitness haven turned party central.

Tipton Sports Academy


Embark on a birthday journey back in time at Tipton Sports Academy! This celebration was a perfect blend of fun, fitness, and fantastic vibes. From energetic workouts to joyful moments, the atmosphere echoed with laughter and the spirit of a memorable party. Join the revelry where sports and celebration collided for an unforgettable birthday experience!

Rose Villa Tavern.png

Rose Villa Tavern


Immerse yourself in the charming ambiance of The Rose Villa Tavern for an exquisite birthday celebration! With its vintage decor and warm hues, this venue provided the perfect backdrop for a night of joy and revelry. From delectable dishes to delightful moments, the celebration unfolded with laughter and camaraderie. Step into the enchanting world of The Rose Villa Tavern and experience the magic of a birthday filled with good company, great food, and everlasting memories.

Hasbury Conservative club.png

Hasbury Conservative


Step into the vibrant atmosphere of Hasbury Conservative Club, where a birthday bash unfolded in style! With lively tunes and cheerful spirits, the celebration took over the venue, creating an unforgettable night. The cozy setting, accompanied by the friendly staff, set the stage for a fantastic gathering with friends and family. Amidst laughter and joy, the birthday person was surrounded by love and warmth. Hasbury Conservative Club, a perfect locale for creating memories that last a lifetime.