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Specialist Genres
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white & weathered Fender Telecaster guitar, to represent indie, rock & alternative music.

Specialist Genres

For many DJ's a well selected playlist of pop songs is all that is needed for the average party. I won't say no to pop however sometimes it's a little more special if we can reflect your taste in music a little more fully than the traditional floor fillers.

I have some areas of music that I have adored all of my adolescent & adult life. Including but not limited too genres such as indie, alternative (hence the name Alt. Entertainments), rock, punk, ska, metal, Classic Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Big Beat, 60's rock and many Others.

...Why not read my DJ Biography below to see my experience in over a Decade of DJing.

I can also integrate these genres with all the traditional pop floor fillers very affectivly. I can play most pop songs from 50's to current, including sub genres like, motown, northern soul, new wave, disco, Chart and timeless pop.

If you're interested if I can play your favourite music then why not get in touch and see what unique flair (even if you would like traditional mobile disco type pop music too) I can bring to your event. Music Matters why settle for average?

DJ Biography

Hello My Name is Ian Bennett,

I Started DJing on & off since 2003 when I was 19 & started DJing professionally in Spring 2007 for Revolved @ Light Bar in Wolverhampton after this the night just exploded with popularity. Since then I've moved on to other night clubs throughout the region including Glow@ Stein Bar Vogue, Wharf Bar, Fixxion Warehouse Project, The Giffard, Walkabout and Various other nights though out the Midlands.

I'm a Indie / Alternative DJ in my life as a club DJ and have huge critical acclaim. Most known for Revolved known to many as the 'light bar'.

I have prided myself on staying current and always loving to introduce new bands, to the public all while friendly excepting requests. 

Today I run and own Alt. Entertainments a Mobile, DJ, Disco & Events Company playing almost any type of music from Pop to not so Pop.

I have played at some of the nation's most prestigious venues, from weddings to birthdays for anyone who loves music.

It seems anyone can be a DJ these days and while on the surface that may seem true, I would remind anyone that anyone can learn to drive a car but to be a petrolhead you need to know about cars. In much the same way I am a music expert. I urge anyone who doubts this to check out this blog about my personal music collection.

I've been known to make the occasional mash-ups too most notably for my mash up of Chemical Brothers Star Guitar & Kasabians Me Plus One, which I call the Star + One mash up. You can find a Youtube link below.

Ian Bennett DJing for a wedding at Lillieshall National Sports Centre, Shropshire.
DJ Biography
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