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DJ Gigs in Oxfordshire

Embark on a visual journey through captivating events in and around Oxfordshire, where Alt. Entertainments has infused the atmosphere with pulsating beats. Our DJ performances have graced weddings, birthdays, and parties, creating a symphony of joy and celebration. Explore our galleries to witness the dynamic blend of music and energy that defines our presence at events in Oxfordshire. From intimate gatherings to lively parties, our disco experiences resonate with the spirit of each occasion. Join us as we craft memorable moments, weaving the magic of DJ entertainment into the tapestry of events across Oxfordshire.

Wychwood Golf Club.jpg

Golf Club


Embark on a journey into the captivating celebration at Wychwood Golf Club! As the DJ for this extraordinary wedding, I had the privilege of curating the soundtrack to an evening filled with laughter, dance, and pure love. The air was electrified with the vibrant energy of the dance floor, and the night reached its crescendo with an epic fireworks display that painted the sky in hues of joy. Every moment was a masterpiece, and the love shared on this special day created an atmosphere of pure magic. Join me in reliving the unforgettable beats and the dazzling spectacle that marked this love-filled union!

Great Milton Nieghbours Hall.jpg

Great Milton
Neighbours Hall


Step into the festive magic of a Christmas Party at Great Milton Neighbours Hall, Oxfordshire! As the DJ for this joyous celebration, I spun a playlist that echoed with holiday cheer. The hall transformed into a winter wonderland, filled with laughter, dancing, and the spirit of the season. From twinkling lights to heartwarming moments, this gallery captures the essence of a merry gathering. Relive the jingle bell beats, the warmth of shared smiles, and the festive ambiance that made this Christmas party truly unforgettable!

North East Abingdon Community Association


Step into the vibrant celebration at North East Abingdon Community Association, Oxfordshire! As the DJ for this lively party, I orchestrated a playlist that set the stage for a night of laughter, dance, and pure joy. The community hall buzzed with energy as guests shared smiles and created lasting memories. From lively beats to candid moments, this gallery encapsulates the essence of a fantastic gathering. Relive the excitement, camaraderie, and the lively ambiance that made this party an unforgettable event!

IMG_3118 (2) (Small).jpg

Riverside Weddings


Step into the enchantment of a Marquee Wedding at Riverside Weddings, Whitney, Oxfordshire! As the DJ for this picturesque celebration, I curated a soundtrack that echoed with love and celebration. The riverside marquee transformed into a dreamy setting, where every detail spoke of romance. From heartfelt vows to dance floor magic, this gallery captures the timeless moments that defined the day. Relive the love-soaked ambiance, the laughter, and the dreamy setting that made this wedding an unforgettable journey.