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Sutton Coldfield

DJ Gigs in Sutton Coldfield

Explore the captivating world of Alt. Entertainments through our galleries showcasing memorable events in and around Sutton Coldfield. Immerse yourself in the vibrant scenes of my DJ and disco performances, bringing the perfect musical ambiance to weddings, parties, and special occasions. Let the rhythm of celebration unfold in each snapshot, and witness the magic we create with my music. Join me on a visual journey through unforgettable moments.

Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.jpg

Sutton Coldfield 
Town Hall


Relive the magic of a sensational birthday celebration at the historic Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield Town Hall! Our gallery unfolds the vibrant moments, lively crowd, and the energetic beats curated by our expert Mobile DJ in Sutton Coldfield. From dazzling lights to joyous dance moves, every frame captures the essence of a truly unforgettable birthday bash. Join us in revisiting the excitement, dynamic ambiance, and seamless tunes that made this celebration at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall a night to remember.

Plough & Harrow.jpg

Plough & Harrow

New Years Eve

Step into the glitz and glamour of a spectacular New Year's Eve celebration at The Plough & Harrow, Sutton Coldfield. Our gallery captures the electrifying moments, festive revelry, and the pulsating beats set by our dynamic mobile DJ in Sutton Coldfield. From the countdown to the midnight cheers, each frame resonates with the joy and excitement that marked the arrival of a new year. Join us in reliving the vibrant ambiance, sparkling festivities, and the seamless tunes that made this New Year's Eve at The Plough & Harrow an unforgettable start to the year.

Transforming the ambiance for a spectacular birthday celebration, my mobile DJ setup casts a radiant glow in striking red hues at Minworth Club & Lodge, Sutton Coldfield. As the beats pulse and the melodies fill the air, let's embark on a journey of joy and laughter, creating unforgettable memories amidst the warmth and energy of the festivities. Join us as we dance the night away, surrounded by the vibrant hues of celebration and the spirited atmosphere of camaraderie. Here's to another year of laughter, love, and cherished moments. Let the music play and the celebrations continue at Minworth Club & Lodge!

Minworth Club & Lodge

40th Birthday Party

Unleashing the power of metal at the Minworth Club & Lodge! Our gallery captures the electrifying atmosphere of a thrilling 40th birthday bash, where the beats reverberated with raw energy. As the Mobile DJ in Minworth, we turned up the volume and celebrated with headbanging tunes, creating a night of unforgettable moments. Join us in reliving the metal magic, vibrant ambiance, and the dynamic tunes that made this 40th birthday at Minworth Club & Lodge a headlining event.

New Hall Hotel


Step into the enchanting world of love at New Hall Hotel in the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield. Our gallery unfolds the romantic moments and joyful celebrations of a wedding where I had the honor of being the Wedding DJ in Sutton Coldfield. With seamless tunes, heartfelt vows, and the elegant backdrop of New Hall Hotel, each frame tells a story of love and timeless elegance. Join us in reliving the magical ambiance, heartfelt vows, and the melodic beats that made this wedding at New Hall Hotel an unforgettable celebration.


Birthday Party

Experience the rhythm and revelry of a birthday celebration in the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, where I had the pleasure of setting the beat as a Mobile DJ. Our gallery captures the vibrant moments, energetic dance floor, and the eclectic tunes, including some indie beats that added a unique flair to the night. Join us in reliving the excitement, dynamic ambiance, and the seamless tunes that made this birthday party in Sutton Coldfield an unforgettable soirée.