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DJ Gigs in Nottinghamshire

Delve into the captivating world of musical enchantment with Alt. Entertainments in Nottinghamshire. Our DJs and dazzling discos have graced weddings, birthdays, and parties, infusing each event with an irresistible rhythm. Explore the visual symphony of moments captured in our galleries, showcasing the seamless fusion of DJ expertise and the vibrant spirit of Nottinghamshire's celebrations. Join us on a melodic journey where music meets memories, and Alt. Entertainments sets the stage for unforgettable experiences in Nottinghamshire's diverse and dynamic events scene.

Kelham House.jpg

Kelham House


Embark on a musical journey through the heartwarming union at Kelham House Manor, Nottinghamshire! As the DJ, I curated an indie-infused atmosphere that became the soundtrack to this magical celebration of love. From the first dance to the joyous moments on the dance floor, each note echoed the couple's unique story. Immerse yourself in the photos capturing the essence of this extraordinary wedding, where indie beats met matrimonial bliss.



Dive into the vibrant beats and lively scenes of a Private Party in Newark, Nottinghamshire! As the Mobile DJ, I orchestrated a musical tapestry that set the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable celebration. From classic tunes that had everyone on their feet to personalized playlists that resonated with the hosts' style, every track became a memory etched in the night. The dance floor was alive with energy, laughter, and the joy of a well-curated soundtrack. Explore the gallery to witness the moments where music met merriment, creating an atmosphere of pure revelry.

Kelham Hall

Graduation Party

Step into the rhythmic celebration of achievement at a Graduation Party in the Gigantic and Fantastical Dome Ballroom of Kelham Hall, Nottinghamshire! As the DJ for this momentous occasion, I orchestrated an unforgettable playlist that echoed the triumphs of each graduate. The Dome Ballroom transformed into a dance floor filled with exuberance, laughter, and the spirit of accomplishment. From the opening beats to the last dance, every track resonated with the joy of success. Explore the gallery to witness the harmonious blend of melodies and proud smiles, capturing the essence of a graduation party like no other.


Eastwood FC

Birthday Party

Embark on a sonic journey through the vibrant celebration of a Birthday Party at Eastwood FC in Nottinghamshire! As the DJ for this unforgettable soirée, I curated a playlist that set the perfect tone for revelry and joy. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as friends and family gathered to honor another trip around the sun. The beats echoed the heartbeat of the party, creating a dance floor filled with laughter, dance moves, and the sheer delight of celebration. From classic tunes to the latest hits, every track added to the symphony of happiness. Dive into the gallery to witness the rhythm of the night, where the melodies became the soundtrack of cherished memories.

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