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Shire Hall, Market Square, Stafford, Staffordshire


DJ Gigs in Stafford

Explore the lively events where Alt. Entertainments has set the stage for memorable moments through our DJ and disco services in and around Stafford. Immerse yourself in the galleries capturing the rhythm and energy we bring to weddings, birthdays, and various celebrations. From pulsating beats to vibrant atmospheres, our musical touch enhances every occasion. Join us in the heart of Stafford as we create a rhythmic tapestry of joyous experiences, turning your events into extraordinary celebrations.

Stafford Bota Club_edited.jpg

Stafford Boat Club


Harmonizing love and melodies at Stafford Boat Club for a breathtaking wedding celebration!  As the Mobile DJ, I curated the perfect playlist for this special day. Swipe through to witness the heartfelt moments, dance floor magic, and the joyous atmosphere that made this wedding an unforgettable melody of love.

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