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DJ Gigs in Bridgenorth

Step into the vibrant world of Alt. Entertainments through our event galleries in and around Bridgnorth. Immerse yourself in the rhythm and beats of our DJ and disco performances, showcasing the magic we bring to weddings, birthdays, and parties. Alt. Entertainments crafts unforgettable moments, infusing your Bridgnorth events with energy and joy. Explore our galleries to witness the unique blend of music and celebration that defines Alt. Entertainments. Elevate your Bridgnorth occasions with our expert DJ services, where every beat resonates with the spirit of your special day.

Mills Barns


Crafting a love story with indie vibes at the Mill Barns in Bridgnorth! Swipe through to relive the enchanting moments, the dance floor filled with joy, and the indie beats that defined this unique wedding celebration. Here's to the harmonious blend of love and indie tunes that made this day an extraordinary journey of music and romance.

Worfield Village Hall.jpg

Worfield Village Hall

Birthday Party

Setting the stage for a memorable birthday bash at Worfield Village Hall in Bridgnorth! As the DJ, I orchestrated beats that echoed with celebration and joy. Swipe through to catch glimpses of the lively dance floor, the jubilant moments, and the vibrant energy that defined this fantastic birthday party. Cheers to Worfield Village Hall and the fantastic vibes that made this night truly special!

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