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DJ Gigs in Pershore

Embark on a visual journey through Alt. Entertainments' DJ performances in and around Pershore. Our galleries showcase the vibrant energy and pulsating beats that define our DJ and disco experiences. From weddings to birthdays and parties, immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Alt. Entertainments. Our expert DJs curate an unforgettable atmosphere, weaving together music and celebration to craft unique moments. Join us in Pershore, where every event becomes a symphony of joy, enhanced by the perfect blend of DJ expertise, disco vibes, and the magic of celebration.

Springhill House


Celebrating love at Spring Hill House, Pershore! 💍✨ A magical wedding filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. As the DJ, I curated a musical journey that echoed the romance of this beautiful day. Here's to the harmonious blend of love and melodies in a venue that witnessed the start of a new chapter.

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