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DJ, Disco & Professional lighting setup, at New Hall Hotel, Sutton Coldfield.
Alt. Entertainments - Mobile DJ & Lighting Services - Music Matters, Alternative DJ, Alternative DJ Staffordshire, Alternative DJ Lichfield, Alternative DJ Sutton Coldfield, Alternative DJ Walsall Wood.

About Us

Alt. Entertainments Follows 3 Basic Philosophies to bring you the best quality service. Which are...

Happy Bride at St. Johns Luxury B & B, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

The Personal

Working closely with you we would like to offer a more personal service than playing a generic playlist used at every wedding. There are often Bands or artists that can bond family & friends that DJ's typically might not play unless told, wouldn't it be great if I did?

RCF Proffesional Speaker.


If we can make something better, we will. Music is the most accessible medium in the world however quality of music or audio fidelity is not always available. Part of being a professional should be to offer that quality in the sound you couldn't otherwise get. We do this by using the finest audio equipment we can get our hands-on, making sure that every piece of the audio chain is the best it can be. It is often said amongst audiophiles & professionals that the audio is only as good as the weakest link. Often music files themselves are the weakest link. so we use uncompressed music files over more ubiquitous ultra compressed formats such as mp3, which takes out up to and over 2 thirds of the information out of the sound file. This is so the file takes up less space. With digital storage space so easy to acquire we believe there is no excuse for using inferior audio formats.

Dj, Disco & Full Proffesional lighting setup at a village hall in Bridgenorth, Shropshire.


If you are reading this chances are you are planning a wedding and are looking for the best wedding vendors you can afford. You may want a beautiful venue, beautiful decoration and beautiful flowers...all to be ruined by the entertainment that clutters up the spaces with ill thought out equipment. I think we should look as good as everything else you have put time and effort into creating. Sometimes this can be undone by hap hazard light show that just throws colour around the room without any thought as to if it even looks good anyway.

Finally we tend to care about things you might not have considered.

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