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DJ Gigs in Shropshire

Embark on a visual journey through Alt. Entertainments' DJ performances in and around the picturesque landscapes of Shropshire. Our galleries showcase the dynamic energy and lively atmospheres we've created at weddings, birthdays, and parties. Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of Disco as we craft unforgettable moments against the backdrop of Shropshire's charming venues. Join us in the heart of Shropshire, where music, celebration, and joy converge to make every event a unique and memorable experience.

Abels Harp Wedding Venue in Shropshire

Abels Harp


Welcome to the enchanting world of weddings at Abels Harp, Shropshire! Step into a realm where love meets melody, and every note resonates with joy. As the DJ, I had the privilege of setting the perfect soundtrack for these beautiful moments. From heartfelt vows to jubilant dances, each memory is a symphony of happiness. Join us on this journey through music and matrimony, where every beat celebrates love in its purest form.

Camlad Barns, Wedding Venue, Bishops Castle, Shropshire

Camlad Barns

70th Birthday Party

Step into the timeless celebration of a 70th birthday at Camlad Barns, Shropshire! An enchanting evening of music, laughter, and cherished moments. The dance floor came alive with beats that spanned the ages, creating a symphony of joy. Join us in reliving the magic of this milestone event filled with love and celebration.

Mobile DJ Setup at Camlad Barns in Shropshire

Combermere Abbey


Journey into the love story woven at Combermere Abbey, Shropshire! A gallery capturing the romantic essence of a wedding day—where vows whispered under ancient trees, laughter echoed through historic halls, and the dance floor witnessed the rhythm of two hearts becoming one. Join us in savoring the timeless beauty and cherished moments of this enchanting celebration.

Bride & Groom First Dance at Combermere Abbey in Shropshire

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Goldstone Hall Hotel, Market Drayton, Shropshire

Goldstone Hall Hotel


Embark on the enchanting journey of a wedding day at Goldstone Hall, Shropshire! As the Wedding DJ, I had the honor of creating a harmonious soundtrack that echoed through the historic gardens and elegant halls. From the first dance to joyous celebrations, each photo tells a story of a day where dreams became reality. Join us in reliving the melody of this special celebration.

Sweeney Hall Hotel


Step into the romance and elegance of a wedding at Sweeney Hall Hotel, near Oswestry in Shropshire! As the Wedding DJ, I had the privilege of setting the perfect tone for a day filled with love and celebration. From the heartfelt vows to the lively dance floor, every photo encapsulates the joy and beauty of this unforgettable union. Join us in relishing the enchanting moments of this Sweeney Hall love story.

Craven Arms Bowls Club

60th Birthday Party

Step into the vibrant celebration of a 60th birthday at The Craven Arms, Shropshire! As the DJ, I had the pleasure of curating a playlist that filled the night with laughter and joy. From heartwarming toasts to the energetic dance floor, each photo captures the essence of a memorable evening. Join us in reliving the beats and moments that made this milestone birthday party truly special.