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DJ Gigs in Wolverhampton

Step into the world of Alt. Entertainments through our event galleries, showcasing the dynamic atmosphere created by our DJ performances in and around Wolverhampton. Explore the pulsating energy, lively dance floors, and joyous celebrations captured in every frame. From weddings and parties to birthdays, our galleries offer a visual feast of the magical moments we've crafted through the power of music. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of our events, where Wolverhampton comes alive with the beats of Alt. Entertainments, making every occasion truly unforgettable.

Lock Works / Chubb Buildings


Transforming the Lock Works (Light Bar) in Chbb Buildings, Wolverhampton into the ultimate celebration zone for a sensational 40th birthday party! As the DJ, I curated beats that filled the venue with joy and dance floor vibes. Swipe through to relive the festive atmosphere and the fantastic moments that marked this milestone celebration.

Novotel Wolverhampton

Party/Awards Evening

Setting the stage aglow at Novotel Hotel in Wolverhampton, orchestrating musical magic for a Rugby Club's awards evening! As the DJ, I crafted beats that elevated the celebration, creating an atmosphere of triumph and camaraderie. Swipe through to catch glimpses of the memorable night, where every note echoed the achievements and excellence of the players.

Penn Golf Club 2.jpg

Penn Golf Club


Turning a new leaf at Penn Golf Club, Wolverhampton, where we celebrated resilience, freedom, and a fresh start with a divorce party! As the DJ, I spun tunes that marked the beginning of a new chapter, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and newfound liberation. Swipe through to witness the empowering moments that made this night unforgettable.



Galvanizing the atmosphere at Wolverhampton Racecourse's Ringback Suite with an electrifying race night! As the DJ, I provided the beats that complemented the excitement of the races, creating a dynamic fusion of music and adrenaline. Swipe through to relive the thrill and camaraderie that defined this unforgettable night of racing and revelry.