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A DJs Music Collection

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

DJs become DJs for more than one reason, some like the crowd interaction others like to perform, but for me it was music. That's pretty much how I became a DJ sheer music knowledge and when I started a large music library. Well a large music library in Indie/Rock/Alternative at least. Depending on what you want you of a DJ I was and am damn good at it too. These days physical media isn't as needed in the industry as it once was, however it's a passion of mine and has been ever since I could afford to buy media.

I thought it would be a good idea to share my personal music collection with you all so you can kind of see what level I operate at. I should note that I have professional collection of music that exists as WAV files which substantially makes my entire 'digital' collection of music far more vast with way more musical genres. Over the past few years I've documented the thousands of albums, singles and EPs in my collection and here are the results of my documentation. I present 'My Epic Music Collection Tour' (Subscribe today on YouTube).

Starting With CD Albums:

+ Music DVDs

+ What's in my DJ Boxes

CD Singles

7" Vinyl Record Singles

10" & 12" Vinyl Record Albums

12" Vinyl Record Singles

The Finale!

...and all the new Pick-ups that I had acquired while I was documenting:

Oh and a special video of my Now collection of the time you can find any additions in the pick up videos above.

As of the date I write this my entire music collection!

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