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The Future of DJing?

I don't think I need to labour that we live in unprecedented times we're all living this reality. As a consequence to this however DJs are pouring on line with Live streams I'm willing to bet that at the moment (Late March 2020) you can't move online without seeing a glimpse of 1 DJ live streaming. I myself have never done this myself for many reasons but the biggest reason is many live streaming sites will shut the stream down if you play copyrighted music.

I would like to play copyrighted music I've always wanted to share some of my favourite songs with the world not nessarily like a Dj mix with effects and clever transitions. More like a specialised radio show. This dream (unless I get a job in a radio station and even then would I get to play what I wanted) is shortly undone by clever algorhythms that automatically shut down the stream and give you a copyright strike. Obviously seeing such videos could be good for potential customers too who wanted see how good their prospective DJ actually is.

Here is my possible solution to all of this please share this if you agree:

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