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I Like Bass But My Venue Doesn't!

Bass has always been a part of the DJ & club experience. However unlike most of the other frequencies bass has knack of getting in places you don't really want it. This is because bass is omni-directional. Think of it this way if you've ever been in cue outside a nightclub chances are you can hear the bass but none of the treble (or the mids and highs).

It's because of this sometimes bass can be a problem for some area's or venues, especially ones that want to keep their neighbours happy.


Is there anything that can be done about it?

Well the easiest thing to do is to either turn down the over all mix or turn down the trouble some frequencies (Usually the bass, but not always). However if you adore bass this might not be practical is there anything else that can be done...

Well it's not exactly a magic bullet especially if your facing the venues neighbours in question but something your DJ could provide assuming their system can do it is to setup up their subwoofers into what is known as Cardioid mode this turns bass from an omni directional frequency to a directional frequency and as long as the people you don't want to hear the bass are behind the DJ or Band this could give the best of both worlds. If this sounds like something you could benifit from for your party why not speak to your vendor about it?

Cardioid Mode explained:

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