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Future's bright for June!

As many of you will be aware on Monday (22nd February 2021) Boris Johnson unveiled the 'roadmap to freedom'. Although I have what I would consider being a healthy skepticism that things won't go exactly to plan, we shall see. I must confess even for me it's hard to see how restrictions won't be lifted. Nearly 15,000,000 have received the first vaccination against covid-19 to date according to NHS Statistics. []

I think it's still early days to see what's really going to happen but all signs look good at the moment and I for one can't wait to get back on to the road.

So what does this mean?

It means that Alt. Entertainments are open for business and are currently taking bookings for Djing Weddings, Birthdays, or indeed any kind of event you might require a DJ for. To offer a little more peace of mind and in tradition with how I've handled the covid crisis thus far. This has been to transfer any booking fee to any date I'm still available for and to refund the booking fee if I'm unable to do the event or due to unforeseen lockdown restrictions (typical clauses on the booking fee outside of these reasons still apply).

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