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BPM 2019 - A Show For DJs. What is it? What did I Think and is it Worth it?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

For all those reading this who might not know BPM is a two day trade show for DJs once held at the NEC Birmingham is now held at Cranmore Park Solihull Birmingham. Djs from across the world in some cases will make the annual pilgrimage to BPM. This year it was held the 5th & 6th of October.

BPM Trade show floor at Cranmore Park Solihull
BPM 2019 Show floor

A Lot of BPM is dedicated to equipment, DJs love their gear and whether it but speakers, controllers, lighting, special effects DJs always look toward the latest thing and how they can improve the over all experience they can offer clients. Is there a new speaker that gives better quality? or is it lighter or smaller to help with the setting up? BPM can be a great place for DJs to get hands on demos with the equipment and in some cases speak to the engineers directly. This enables feedback and requests for features so that we can get better set-ups.

Set-up of a Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT, a DDJ-XPR2 effects pads With a Mac Book Pro running Serato. #DJingin2019
Pioneer DJ Set-Up at BPM 2019

A Very Well lit Twisted truss from Equinox displaying at BPM 2019
Equinox twisted truss

Speaking of better set-ups not only can you get hands on experience with the latest and greatest. It can also be a place to get inspiration and use equipment you might already own in a new and unique fashion.

I saw some interesting ideas from the likes of Chauvet for example, I think I may try it out in the future, I think it may take my lighting to the next level.

I also saw this twisted truss [Pictured] that is not only uniquely lit it's twist is very eye catching. this also illustrates about getting ideas perhaps I could try lighting my truss in a similar way the contrasting shades offer a blend of colours. Using the picture as an example you end up not only with the Blue & Red but they merge together and create a purple much more interesting than simply lighting with a par light in the middle offering one colour.

Ian and Johnathan promoting the impressive and new battery laser cube for Pro Mobile Magazine.
Ian Bennett and Ellaskins!

BPM is much more than just the equipment I find many DJs can't see past the 'window shopping' and over look all the people. People are far more important than almost anything else and for me Networking with some of the biggest names in the business is far more important.

I've certainly enjoyed meeting Jonathan aka Ellaskins [Pictured] a well known Youtuber who does tutorial videos and was the first in the world to offer the concept of Giglogs. is always good for a laugh just ask him about his fan of which he calls fanny. The crew at NADJ have been great I can't wait to work with them more closely in the future...Watch this space.

Tony Winyard going through the finer points of marketing in the NADJ Orange Room BPM 2019.
Learning in the Orange Room BPM 2019

Finally i'd just like to mention possibly the most underrated reason to go to BPM for the price of a ticket some of the greatest achievers in the industry offer up their knowledge on the industry. From Mixing and transitions, Business advice, Lighting & even event advice, I've always felt more enriched by the experience. I for one can't wait to take all that I've learned and apply it to Alt. Entertainments hopefully if you decide to book with us all the education I have received throughout the years by attending such shows will shine through...Hopefully I can make your event better than ever!

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