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I Visit the largest Entertainment Store in Europe!

HMV The Vault with Super wide angle lens
HMV The Vault Birmingham

During a bit of a mini News blitz from outlets such as The Guardian, The NME & Forbes no less! It has came to my attention that HMV has opened the largest entertainment store in Europe.

As It was opened what to me is the old Toys R Us in Birmingham it seemed rude not to have a little looksie in.

Firstly I just want to say who could have predicted that a Toy Store would close and a store known for selling physical media such as Cds, DVDs & Games, an industry that is vastly considered to be on the decline even by collectors and enthusiasts would open a super store in 2019!

So Here is my tour and my initial thoughts:

I'm really intrested to see how they handle bands over the years it's better set out for it. I never made it as I was busy at the time but Ash one of my favourite bands played at the Bullring store and were signing albums I wonder how often thing like might happen?

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