1. Can we give you a playlist?


Of course we at Alt. Entertainments know that every party is unique and we try to offer as much personality to your event as humanly possible. This also depends on what you the client requires - perhaps it's to get a full dance floor and if that is the case knowing what the crowd want will certainly help. Or perhaps you want to project your style and to have a good atmosphere over a full dance floor.


 We also accept 'do not play list'.


2. How do you handle requests?


We try to play all requests, we would like to be as approachable as possible in this. We also know for the most part we are booked for everyone's enjoyment not just the individual. So if a request is made it may not be played immediately, we think finding a flow of a night is really important rather than playing a song straight away for 1 or 2 individuals. We like most independent mobile DJ/ Disco owner operator companies, always approach our work with pride that the objective should be for you and your guests, but please remember not everyone will like everything all the time. In fact if someone enjoyed every song (at least for mixed crowds) we would suggest the job hasn't been done correctly. We also know that some requests aren't suitable for the night and may polity tell someone we don't feel that will work, and obviously a request 5 minutes before the end of the night 9 times out of 10 will be too late. Remember we are there for you and your guests to enjoy themselves, direction in this is always welcome and we believe in a polite and professional manner from ourselves, but also be aware; we will not tolerate abuse, we are people too :). 


 3. Can I hear some examples of mixing and blending other tracks?


Yes you will find a mash-up of Kasabian's Me Plus One with The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar on our DJ Biography page from our head DJ Ian Bennett which can also be found on Youtube: 























You can hear more of Ian Bennett's work on his Soundcloud page:














and don't forget to look at our Gig Logs page for some of our past gigs.


4. Do you have back up equipment?


Yes, every mobile DJ/Disco worth their salt should carry back-up equipment. We carry spare amplifiers, mixers & players, which have very little chance of failing due to the high end nature of our equipment.


5. What Equipment do you utilize?


For many people this is irrelevant information as a long as there is music and lights all is good and well what's the difference. However we at Alt. Entertainments use VERY high end and grade equipment and if your a buff on such things you'll not only see, hear and feel the difference, but you will  know demonstrably the quality and prestige being used that would not be out of place at some of the biggest night clubs in the world! So, we challenge you to Google (or search your favorite search engine) and compare the prestige and quality against our competitors equipment.


Players:        Pioneer CDJ2000's

Mixer:          Pioneer DJM800

Amplifiers:    Matrix & QSC

Speakers:     Electrovoice (EV)

Microphone: Shure SM58

Lights:           American DJ (ADJ)


6. Do You Offer a Written Contract?


If a mutual peace of  mind is required yes Alt. Entertainments can and will supply a written contract.


7a. May We Meet With You Before We Sign The Contract?


Of course in fact we at Alt. Entertainments positively insist a lot can be gained from a meet-up. 


7b. Is It Important to Meet Up?


It may seem like all a DJ has to do is play music and while that might seem an apt description anyone can play music, but not everyone can entertain and wow a crowd. It's also worth mentioning that every room is different and every crowd is different and we would be doing you the customer a disservice if we simply turned up and played music. What about the best room lay-out? A timeline that will work to create a good flow? What about the room ambience you may have spent hours trying to achieve a look just for a DJ to turn-up with some 'Tacky Flashing Lights' and ruin the look? What about the crowds needs? Anyone can play music but can everyone think about your needs and the needs you may not have considered?


8. Will it be the same DJ I saw play for Alt. Entertainments?


Yes, Currently Alt. Entertainments is solely run by Ian Bennett.


9. What Makes Alt. Entertainments Different?


Believe it or not all DJ's are different sometimes it maybe difficult to realise this when comparing against just price for example. What makes us different are our high quality components to our setup that looks elegant, sophisticated, stylish and beautiful. and although near enough all musical tastes are covered (and covered well even if I do say so myself) we have an specialist knowledge of all things Alternative, Particularly Indie. So the 2 main reasons you would book Alt. Entertainments are if a. You want a high quality stylish look and sound and/or b. You enjoy alternative music, but like I say don't worry we do pop as well! but who doesn't right?    


Mobile DJ, Disco & Events to Many Areas around the UK


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DJ Mobile Disco  Alternative Sutton Coldfield Walsall  Wedding Corporate

Mobile DJ, Disco & Events to Many Areas around the UK


Walsall | Birmingham | Cannock | Lichfield | Fazeley | Wall | Hammerwhich | Weeford | Whittington | Wolverhampton | West Brom | Sandwell | Dudley | Sutton Coldfield | Aldridge | Walsall Wood | Brownhills | Pelsall | Streetly | Stonnall | Staffordshire | West Midlands | Somerset | Street | Glastonbury | Wells | Taunton | Yeovil & All of UK

DJ Mobile Disco  Alternative Sutton Coldfield Walsall  Wedding Corporate Mobile DJ Mobile DIsco

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