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Giglog: Working at a Beautiful Venue

A Picture of Westonbirt house Wedding Venue and Public School
Westonbirt Huse

Westonbirt House

3 miles away from the Cotswold town of Tetbury lies an exquisite Elizabethan style mansion (Now a wedding venue and a public school) built in the 19th Century. It was a fascinating place to me and I quizzed the staff there on the history. What I learned is this was the 3rd stately home from the Holford family, the story for me had huge parallels with the Goldilocks fairy tale... the story goes, or at least the story I was told (and I like this story so we'll run with it and assume it's true, I suspect some nuance has been lost but I will tell it as told) that the Holford family had a mansion built as one would do with 25 acres of land built a house. A grand house a fully on Elizabethan manor...accept it was too large, so the family built another home...accept it was too small... then they built the house that stands today. I have no idea how true that story is but what a way to say you have 'FU' money if true?

Which brings me to my involvement supplying the entertainment and DJ via Alt. Entertainments. It was a corporate event so for the first time in a long time it allowed me to do something I rarely get time to do... make a video. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and these are the results.

The staff were wonderful the crowd were wonderful all in all I had a great experience, so much so I had to recommend the venue in my recommended venues page. So this is a special thank you to all those involved from suggesting I end on Blue Monday by New order, to all the information and help. Hopefully I get to play there again soon hopefully for you event.

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