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Gig Log - Wedding at the Lake District

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Merewood Country House Hotel

Alt. Entertainments Getting ready to DJ for a Wedding at Merewood Country House Hotel in the Lake District, Cumbria
Merewood Country House Hotel

You may have seen the opening video of one of my favourite gigs (One of many I might add) but this one was well documented between myself and the videographers at the time who have since retired. But I wish to share the video I took with some of the videographers videos.

This is an example of how to mix Pop (with all the group dances, Disco) with more avantgarde genres such as indie.

It was a great atmosphere all night and truely a wedding to remember for the rest of my life...although hopefully not more memorable than my wedding of course.

I've also added a gallery to view of

Thank you Alison, Mike & Family for one of my favourite Weddings... I will be back in the area soon for Carolyn & Steve, I really can't wait.

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