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Celebrating in Style: Why Lion Quays Resort is the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue: Lion Quays Resort, Oswestry, Shropshire
Lion Quays Resort, Oswestry, Shropshire


Nestled along the serene banks of the Llangollen Canal, Lion Quays Resort emerges as a quintessential setting for your dream wedding. Combining picturesque scenery with exemplary service, the resort offers a compelling blend of natural beauty and sophisticated amenities that promise to make your special day unforgettable.

Venue Highlights

Lion Quays Resort isn't just about stunning views and lush landscapes. It boasts an impressive array of facilities and services tailored to ensure every wedding is nothing short of spectacular. With a capacity to host up to 350 dining guests and 400 for receptions, the venue comfortably accommodates weddings of all sizes. Its 82 elegant bedrooms and exclusive honeymoon suite ensure a luxurious stay for the couple and their guests.

Catering to Your Needs

Whether you desire a lavish menu or have specific dietary requirements, Lion Quays Resort’s in-house catering team is skilled in a variety of culinary traditions, including Asian and Kosher options. The venue’s comprehensive beverage service, complete with an alcohol license and the option for corkage, allows you to customize your wedding toast to your tastes.

Personalized Experience

Under the expert guidance of Wedding Contact Kayleigh Owen, the resort prides itself on offering a highly personalized service. From the initial tour to the final moments of your wedding day, the dedicated coordinator will ensure that every detail reflects your vision, making your experience as seamless as it is spectacular.

Outdoor Splendor and More

For couples dreaming of an outdoor ceremony, the resort provides beautifully landscaped gardens and the option for an outdoor reception. These settings not only serve as a breathtaking backdrop for your ceremony but also offer perfect spots for unforgettable photographs.

DJ Reviews: An Insider’s Look at Weddings at Lion Quays

A pivotal part of any wedding reception is the music and entertainment. DJ reviews from, provided by professionals who have worked at Lion Quays, shed light on what makes this venue particularly appealing:

  • Good Access and Setup: DJs appreciate the straightforward access and ample space provided for setup, accommodating both medium and large rigs without any height restrictions.

  • Facility Perks: The absence of a sound limiter and the provision of air conditioning are noted as significant positives, ensuring that your wedding party can enjoy the dance floor to the fullest.

  • Considerations: While the dance floor and stage are noted to be temporary, this flexibility allows customization according to the wedding theme or size. However, potential restrictions on haze/smoke usage and the lack of in-house lighting effects might require additional planning for those desiring specific atmospheric effects.

Review from Real Couples

Jon and Ann, who celebrated their union at Lion Quays, praise the resort for its supportive staff and luxurious accommodations, particularly recommending the Cariad Suite for its modern amenities. Another couple, Lauren and Shane, recall their post-COVID wedding as a magical day made possible by the stunning grounds and diligent staff, despite minor setbacks due to pandemic-related restrictions.


Lion Quays Resort stands out not only as a beautiful wedding venue but also as a place where every detail is curated to create the perfect setting for your big day. With its dedicated team, versatile facilities, and breathtaking location, it promises to turn your wedding dreams into reality.


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